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Nutritional Therapy


The Broadgate Clinic in London provide patients with personalised care, using our team of Nutritional Therapy, medical, specialist practitioners and allied health professionals

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    We listen to you and examine you

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    We explain what is wrong and set a treatment plan

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    By following the plan your problem is relieved

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Nutritional therapists work with individuals to enhance their health and general wellbeing through diet and nutrition. They use their specialist knowledge to conduct a holistic assessment of a client’s nutritional requirements and then suggest specific changes to their diet in an attempt to prevent or alleviate illness and to promote good health.

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Our expert team ofHealthcare Professionals in the City of London

  • claire-ward BSC (Hons) nutritional therapy

    Claire Ward

    BSC (Hons)

    Claire Ward BSc (Hons)

    I have a BSc Honours Degree from Westminster University in Nutritional Therapy. I am a member of BANT & CNHC accredited.

    I have been involved in the field of Nutrition since 2006 whether it be through education or the professional arena. After graduating in 2010 I started my own business Nutri-Kind Nutrition. Since then I have experience working with the London Scottish rugby team & professional footballers/boxers, pre-natal groups, health initiatives for children, personal trainers, various private nutrition clinics in London & Essex, supplement shops (The Nutricentre) & Lloyds Pharmacy as their in house Nutritional Therapist.

    I have lectured on nutrition at schools in Essex, do talks to the corporate world on healthy eating & foods for energy & worked with IKEA on their recent sleep retreat. I have edited nutrition books for their nutritional content & have written articles for many different companies on various topics ranging from weight loss to foods for increasing energy & concentration & from sports nutrition to iron absorption. I have also designed menus for restaurants & ensured they have sections dedicated to allergies & intolerances.

    I can help with all kinds of conditions that may benefit from nutritional support, but my specific areas of expertise are: weight loss, fertility, healthy eating, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, mental health & chronic fatigue. I provide dietary, supplement & lifestyle advice, dietary analysis & private testing & may also refer back to the GP for testing where appropriate. I design each protocol especially for you with recipe & menu ideas, hand-outs & any other information specific to your case.

  • Simone Faby

    BSc (Hons) MBant CNHC

    Simone Faby BSc (Hons) MBant CNHC

    Simone Faby is an experienced and pragmatic Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons).

    Her client-centric approach achieves results for patients with a broad range of health issues, through tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice. Clients appreciate her understanding, the wealth of useful information shared and her commitment to see them through a result. Recommendations are realistic and achievable and she is relentless in supporting clients with every possible tool from meal plans, food shopping lists to easy recipes.

    Simone has helped patients with weight loss, digestive function, food intolerance, sports nutrition and injury healing, fertility and pregnancy, energy and vitality, stress management and chronic fatigue issues.

    Poor diets, hectic lifestyles, impaired digestion and absorption of nutrients and inadequate elimination of toxins may be reflected in symptoms such as:

    Low energy, allergies, gastro-intestinal disorders, recurrent infections, skin problems, low mood, bad sleep, premature ageing, aches and pain, difficulty losing weight

    In the long term and if not addressed these may develop into chronic conditions such as IBS, arthritis, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and others.

    Simone’s practice is based on Functional Medicine principles to develop a personalized treatment. Typical treatment would consist of one initial consultation followed by 2 further consultations. Results may start to show within this time frame.

  • Kwok Ying Chan - Financial analyst
    Kwok Ying Chan , Financial Analyst :

    I can’t recommend Broadgate chiropractors enough. My problem was explained and after a few sessions my back and leg pain was a thing of the past! Friendly staff and a convenient location near my work too!

  • MattBosworth recommends broadgate spine center
    Matthew Bosworth , Lawyer :

    I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Hollis and the team at the Broadgate Centre for anyone that has pain issues and have recommended friends and colleagues to use their services regularly over the years.

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