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Back Pain Relief From A Chiropractor


Helping people with back and neck pain is what chiropractors specialise in. At your first appointment we'll assess your back pain and recommend the best plan of care for youo

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  • 1. Consultation

    We listen to you and examine you

  • 2. Diagnosis

    We explain what is wrong and set a treatment plan

  • 3. Treatment

    By following the plan your problem is relieved

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A Chiropractor specialises in diagnosing and relieving back pain, mid-back pain, neck pain and pain radiating into the legs or arms from a problem in your spine. The Chiropractors at Broadgate work within the City of London’s largest team of spine and joint specialists. Working in a team of specialists they provide fast, effective relief from back pain, neck pain and leg pain coming from your low back. We like to think we are a “one stop shop” for back pain.

At your initial consultation with a chiropractor, your problem is assesssed and a plan of care agreed. Typically this would initially involve some manual therapy from the chiropractor to improve your symptoms. To help prevent your injury from reoccurring, this is usually complimented by advice on posture and  exercises.

The most common injuries we see build up from long hours spent at your desk, from lifting awkwardly, or from an injury picked up playing sport.

Cooperation and communication between the staff at Broadgate also provides quick and effective cross referral when required, making sure you will always have the treatment that provide the best results for your problem.

Our Chiropractors are covered by Bupa, Axa PPP, Aviva, Simply Health and all other health insurers. Please ring your insurer before visit the clinic to check your cover and to gain authorisation.

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Our expert team ofHealthcare Professionals in the City of London

  • Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

    Alan Jordan

    DC MSc PhD

    Alan Jordan is an internationally acknowledged expert in the diagnosis and management of spinal pain and has carried out work for the Departments of Health in both the UK and Denmark.

    In addition to his chiropractic qualifications he received his PhD in Medical Research in 1997, from the University of Copenhagen. Alan has worked at the leading Spine Centre at the National University Hospital of Copenhagen for a number of years where he carried out many research projects and published several scientific papers. He has received research awards from both medical and chiropractic societies.

    Dr Jordan is a Founder of Persical Pharmaceuticals Ltd .


    Initial Consultation which includes a case history, physical examination and treatment, costs £75.

    Follow-up treatments cost £60.

    Dr Jordan is PPP and BUPA registered and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

  • Richard Hollis - Chiropractor

    Richard Hollis

    BSc DC

    Richard Hollis is the clinic director of Broadgate Spine Centre. Graduating as a chiropractor in 1993 from AECC he has worked alongside some of the most respected specialists in spinal care.

    A certified IOSH workplace assessor he has nearly 25 years’ experience in the treatment and prevention of workplace injuries. He has also completed post graduate training in Western Medical Acupuncture, and is a certified MAST clinician utilising both to compliment his treatments.

    Richard has gained wide experience in treating sports injuries and has treated both Olympic athletes and Premiership footballers.

    Richard is committed to furthering chiropractic’s inclusion in mainstream healthcare. He was elected to the Council of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) in 2009 and has served on on the BCA’s NHS committee.

    A keen tennis player, in the distant past Richard reached the national schools finals at Wimbledon. He also loves to scuba dive and tries to make sure his holiday destinations have some underwater scenery to take in!


    Initial Consultation which includes a case history, physical examination and treatment, costs £75.

    Follow-up treatments cost £60.

    Mr Hollis is registered with all health insurers including Axa PPP and BUPA. He is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a menmer of The Brotish Chiropractic Association..

  • Kwok Ying Chan - Financial analyst
    Kwok Ying Chan , Financial Analyst :

    I can’t recommend Broadgate chiropractors enough. My problem was explained and after a few sessions my back and leg pain was a thing of the past! Friendly staff and a convenient location near my work too!

  • MattBosworth recommends broadgate spine center
    Matthew Bosworth , Lawyer :

    I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Hollis and the team at the Broadgate Centre for anyone that has pain issues and have recommended friends and colleagues to use their services regularly over the years.

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