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Chiropractor In Old Street

Broadgate Chiropractors, Old Street have the largest team of spine and joint specialists in the City of London.

The Broadgate Clinics in Old Street provide patients with personalised care, using our team of chiropractors, medical, specialist practitioners and allied health professionals.

  • 1. Consultation

    We listen to you and examine you

  • 2. Diagnosis

    We explain what is wrong and set a treatment plan

  • 3. Treatment

    By following the plan your problem is relieved

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At Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic near Old Street, we have the largest team of joint and spine specialists in the City of London. If you require a chiropractor to treat your neck pain or back pain, then you are in good hands with our specialists.

Desk work, extreme sports and lifting can all lead to neck, back or spine injuries. We practice evidence-based medicine and we can offer advice and guidance on posture, self-care and exercises along with reliable chiropractic treatment that will target the pain.

Highly Experienced And Trained Chiropractors At Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic

We have a varied team of practitioners at our Old Street clinic, so we can offer all of our patients cross referrals when necessary, which helps you to receive consistent and comprehensive care.

At your consultation, your chiropractor may find that your injury requires attention from another member of staff and they will be able to refer you to them right away. This allows you to access effective treatment and advice quickly without having to go elsewhere.

Your condition may require a combination of treatments in which case our experienced team will work closely together to provide you with high levels of care and the best solution for your problem.

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If you would like to make an appointment or receive more information about chiropractic treatment in Old Street, call Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic on 020 7638 4330 or visit our website at https://www.broadgatespinecentre.co.uk/chiropractor-london.

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  • Kwok Ying Chan - Financial analyst
    Kwok Ying Chan , Financial Analyst :

    I can’t recommend Broadgate chiropractors enough. My problem was explained and after a few sessions my back and leg pain was a thing of the past! Friendly staff and a convenient location near my work too!

  • MattBosworth recommends broadgate spine center
    Matthew Bosworth , Lawyer :

    I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Hollis and the team at the Broadgate Centre for anyone that has pain issues and have recommended friends and colleagues to use their services regularly over the years.

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