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by Alan Jordan

Lower back pain is the most commonly given reason for seeking chiropractic treatment. More than 60-70% of chiropractic patients complain of lower back pain with or without radiating pain to the lower limbs. Chiropractic care is both safe, effective and cost-effective. Furthermore, it is recommended by both National UK Guidelines and International Guidelines and Research Consensus Recommendations. Chiropractors treat acute, persistent and chronic lower back pain.

The Initial Chiropractic Consultation

At your first visit, the chiropractor will carry out a thorough interview and physical examination in order to determine;

A) The cause of your pain
B) Whether additional examinations such as diagnostic imaging or blood work are necessary
C) Whether your condition should be managed by a chiropractor
D) Whether you should be referred to another specialist

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is associated with spinal manipulative therapy, which is characterised by the well-known ‘click’ sound. This is caused by pressure changes within the joints that are being manipulated producing gas bubbles within the fluids of the joint. The purpose of manipulating joints is to:

a) Normalise movement within the joint
b) Reduce muscle tension in the muscles associated with the manipulated joint
c) Reduce pain

Chiropractors will also provide advice regarding work, leisure and sports-related activities. Exercises are usually prescribed along with non-prescriptive medication and ice/heat. Most patients experiencing persistent or chronic lower back pain will be referred to the physiotherapy department (https://www.broadgatespinecentre.co.uk/london-physiotherapy/), which has a fully equipped gym in order to strengthen the relevant muscles groups which;

a) Complete treatment
b) Provide preventative care

Additionally, the chiropractors at the Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic work within that largest group of spinal specialists in the UK. If there is a need for additional assistance in managing patients with lower back pain trouble, we can arrange rapid access consultations with spinal surgeons, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, medical acupuncture, and sports massage, as required.

In conclusion, the chiropractors at the Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic offer the widest array of services of any chiropractic clinic in the UK. We are proud to be part of this prestigious team and feel privileged to be able to provide the very finest chiropractic care with rapid access to a highly esteemed group of back pain specialists.

For more information about the author of this article, Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic director Dr Alan Jordan, go to https://www.broadgatespinecentre.co.uk/chiropractor-london/.

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