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Lower Back Conditions

Richard Hollis - Chiropractor

10 other reasons for back pain

by Richard Hollis

It can sometimes be easy to pinpoint the cause of sudden back pain that makes you call your chiropractor. Moving heavy boxes. Overdoing it at the gym. Digging in the garden. But it can be trickier to discover the reasons behind chronic back pain. Here, are some less obvious factors that may be to blame Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Sedentary Work, Back Pain and Health

by Alan Jordan

Most of my chiropractic patients intuitively know that sitting at a desk all day long and then lounging around at home all evening are activities that are detrimental to their health and their backs. They also believe that exercising a few times a week at the local gym will counteract the negative effects of endless Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Standing Desks – Back Pain

by Alan Jordan

Sit-Stand Desks – Flavour of the Month? Sit-stand desks have been around since the late 1980’s but have recently become exceedingly popular. In my chiropractic practice I have had more enquires about these desks in the past year than in all of the years since they hit the market. In this blog I will take Read More

Sit back, comfortably!

by clinic

Sitting at a computer is something that many office workers do almost all day, every day at their office.  The amount of time spent in this posture means that is a cause of accumulative stress and strain which in the end can cause back pain and neck pain.  As chiropractors in the City of London Read More

Back pain and posture

by clinic

Most people associate sitting properly at their desks on good chairs when they hear the word ergonomics. While this is partially true, the modern interpretation of ergonomics is “designing the job to fit the worker, not forcing the worker to fit the job.” The word ergonomics originates from the Greek terms “ergon” which means work and Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Chiropractors – Back Pain Experts

by Alan Jordan

Although chiropractors treat conditions that are not relate to the spine, the overwhelming majority of their patients seek chiropractic care for lower back or neck related conditions. Approximately 60-70% of all chiropractic patients suffer from lower back pain issues. These figures have not changed over the recent decades and what is really interesting about this Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Low Back Pain – Chiropractor

by Alan Jordan

Lower back pain is the most common condition seen by the chiropractors at the Broadgate Spine Centre. The majority of our patients work in financial services in our neighbouring area including Moorgate, Bank, Cannon Street, and Liverpool Street Station. Others come from different parts of the City of London. Most chiropractor patients with low back Read More

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy at Christmas – festive spirit, visiting family, seeing children opening their presents, to name just a few. The festive season can also be a time when some of the old aches and pains tend to come out! Never mind the feeling of being more stuffed than the Read More

Charlotte Walker - Osteopathy

Swimming and Low Back Pain

by Charlotte Walker

Swimming is widely recognised as an excellent form of exercise for maintaining flexibility in the spine and strength whilst minimising strain or pressure on the spinal structures present in weight-bearing activities.  In effect the water acts as a supporting structure so light swimming is often recommended as part of an exercise therapy regime.  However, the Read More

Kevin Bruce - Podiatrist

Podiatric intervention in Lower Back Pain

by Kevin Bruce

Lower back pain (LBP) affects 80% of adults during their lifetime with varying causes and therefore treatments (Papageorgiou et.al, 1995). The most common causes are heavy lifting or increased frequency of load lifting, age, female and poor general health all being strong predictors of LBP. However altered lower limb biomechanics are also considered a factor Read More

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