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Sitting at a computer is something that many office workers do almost all day, every day at their office.  The amount of time spent in this posture means that is a cause of accumulative stress and strain which in the end can cause back pain and neck pain.  As chiropractors in the City of London we probably see a higher percentage of these than in any other location in the UK, perhaps the world!

As well as treatment and exercises to help alleviate back pain symptoms it’s important to address any postural stresses from sitting at the desk and computer.  This is best done with a “display screen equipment (DSE) assessment” carried out by a qualified assessor.  Some bigger companies have someone in HR who may have some training, but for those that don’t or for more complex problems they may want to bring in a chiropractor or physiotherapist with specialist training to help.

Here’s a useful picture of a some basic rules for good posture whilst sitting and using a computer.

Sit back and work comfortably

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