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Neck Pain and Treatment

Charlotte Walker - Osteopathy


by Charlotte Walker

Pain is often classified as either coming from the organs (viscera) or the body (soma eg back pain).  It is a warning that something is wrong, and is a natural protection mechanism.  VISCERAL PAIN Visceral pain is the pain you feel from your internal organs, such as your stomach, bladder, uterus, or lungs. It is caused by medical conditions Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Neck posture and pain

by Alan Jordan

Neck pain a more common complaint that chiorpractors treat at the Broadgate Spine Clinic compared to the rest UK where lower back pain is more common. Logic would appear to dictate that this is due to the number of hours that workers are sitting at their desks, followed by most leisure activities that often involve Read More

Sit back, comfortably!

by clinic

Sitting at a computer is something that many office workers do almost all day, every day at their office.  The amount of time spent in this posture means that is a cause of accumulative stress and strain which in the end can cause back pain and neck pain.  As chiropractors in the City of London Read More

Back pain and posture

by clinic

Most people associate sitting properly at their desks on good chairs when they hear the word ergonomics. While this is partially true, the modern interpretation of ergonomics is “designing the job to fit the worker, not forcing the worker to fit the job.” The word ergonomics originates from the Greek terms “ergon” which means work and Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Chiropractors – Back Pain Experts

by Alan Jordan

Although chiropractors treat conditions that are not relate to the spine, the overwhelming majority of their patients seek chiropractic care for lower back or neck related conditions. Approximately 60-70% of all chiropractic patients suffer from lower back pain issues. These figures have not changed over the recent decades and what is really interesting about this Read More

Gerard Hall - Rheumatologist and general physician

A Rheumatologist’s approach to neck pain

by Gerard Hall

Neck pain is one of the commonest complaints that a rheumatologist sees in the clinic, especially in the City where there are so many hard-working deskbound patients. It is often seen in combination with pain in other parts of the back and neck pain should be viewed as one part of a whole organ- the spine. It’s very uncommon Read More

Johannes Uys - General Physician

Neck Pain, a GP’s perspective

by Johannes Uys

As a GP, I deal with a lot of complaints where neck pain or neck stiffness is a symptom. Neck pain can vary from mild discomfort, barely noticeable as a symptom to quite significant with a lot of muscle stiffness and immobility where any movement, however small, hurts. The severity of the pain does not Read More

Jose Marcelino - Physiotherapy

Neck Pain and Physiotherapy

by Jose Marcelino

The general concept behind the use of physiotherapy treatment for neck pain is that the majority of the neck symptoms are mechanical in origin. Therefore, an awkward movement or a sustained prolonged posture in an awkward position, might become the precipitating factor for neck to become painful. It is very difficult to establish the exact Read More

Gerard Hall - Rheumatologist and general physician

Treating Neck Pain with Drugs

by Gerard Hall

There are a number of causes of neck pain and while many of them can be treated with prescription drugs, it is important that a diagnosis is made first so the correct type of medication can be prescribed. Common postural and muscular neck pain may be effectively treated with paracetamol or a mild anti-inflammatory drug. Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Treating Neck Pain with Medication

by Alan Jordan

Neck pain can be frustrating and distracting as well as excruciating and if you are suffering from it, it is likely that you will be seeking a fast form of pain relief that allows you to get on with enjoying your life. In order to effectively and accurately treat your neck pain, your doctor will Read More

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