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Broadgate spine & joint clinic news

by Alan Jordan

Although chiropractors treat conditions that are not relate to the spine, the overwhelming majority of their patients seek chiropractic care for lower back or neck related conditions. Approximately 60-70% of all chiropractic patients suffer from lower back pain issues.

These figures have not changed over the recent decades and what is really interesting about this is that the general population figured this out before the scientific evidence was clear – both in the UK and abroad. In the days when chiropractic was a young and unregulated profession people quickly learned that they could receive high quality care from this group. The word spread and the profession grew.

Much has changed during the past 20-30 years beginning with the Meade Study which demonstrated that chiropractic care was superior to hospital care for patients suffering with back pain. Since this seminal study was published many high quality studies have demonstrated similar results. Chiropractors – there are many in the research field – have produced far more science in the area of spinal manipulation and back pain than essentially all other health disciplines combined.

Chiropractic education in the UK and elsewhere has of course undergone significant improvement and modernisation and we have two excellent institutions in the UK. The Anglo European College of Chiropractic is the oldest and amongst the largest in Europe and has an excellent undergraduate as well as post-graduate programme leading to a Masters Degree in Chiropractic. A newer college with an excellent reputation is located in Wales. In addition to excellent teaching programmes both facilities have active research and clinical departments.

It stands to reason that chiropractors have superior diagnostic and management expertise than other healthcare disciplines in the area of back pain management. After all, their education is far more focused in this area and the number of hours spent in study is roughly that of a medical education.

However, chiropractors – as is the case for all other healthcare disciplines – is not a one size fits all solution to all back pain problems. That is why we have so many complementary disciplines at our clinic. General medicine, physiotherapy, rheumatology and spinal surgery are just a few of the professions that work together at Broadgate.

We are able to provide a more comprehensive service at our clinic due to the fact that we can call on the expertise of other specialists as needed.

We are indeed a large group – and probably the most broad in London

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