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by Alan Jordan

Neck Back Pain and Massage

Patients seeking care at the Broadgate Spine Centre frequently complain about neck pain. This is hardly surprising in as much as our patients work at large banks, insurance companies, IT and other tasks which require them to sit for longer periods of time in constrained postures. In fact, neck pain has now surpassed lower back pain in terms of frequency in our Information Age Society. This is particularly the case in the Moorgate, Liverpool Station and Bank Station where most of our patients work.

At Broadgate, we have been using massage therapy in addition to the many other therapy forms available at our clinic for many years. Sometimes massage therapy is carried out in conjunction with other therapies such as chiropractic or acupuncture and other times on its own, though often accompanied by exercise. After loosening up the muscles of the neck and shoulder area preventative exercise is the best way forward in conjunction with work station advice.

Neck Pain

Pain arising from the neck/shoulder area is often a result of chronically tightened muscles or may be a result to an injured neck joint or disc. Stress may also play an important role.

If the problem is arising from the muscles which must carry the head all day long then massage therapy followed by exercise has been shown to provide excellent results. This has been demonstrated in properly carried out clinical trials. This study concludes that massage to the neck and shoulder muscles is both safe and has good clinical benefits for treating patients with chronic neck pain – especially in the short term. Systematic reviews of the existing scientific literature have arrived at the same conclusions.


Massage at Broadgate

We are fortunate to have an experienced massage therapist who has worked with us for several years. Her patients are uniformly delighted with the care that she provides. Furthermore, combined care with our many other health professionals will often result in precisely the type of comprehensive care that patients are looking for.


Massage therapy is safe, inexpensive and clinically effective. If you are suffering from recurring or chronic neck pain you should consider arranging an appointment with our experienced therapist. You may well experience that this is precisely the type of treatment that can effectively address a problem that you have been suffering with for year after year.

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