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Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

What is Osteopathy?

by Alan Jordan

Osteopathy is a primary health care profession that specialises in diagnosis,  treatment and management of conditions to do with the structure of the body, primarily the musculoskeletal structure. It treats pain associated with the spine and also peripheral joints. Osteopathy is effective in treating lower back pain, frozen shoulder, neck and disc problems, and pain Read More

Gerard Hall - Rheumatologist and general physician

Gout and its Treatment

by Gerard Hall

The ancient condition of gout is on the increase – we are seeing more and more patients, mostly due to changes in our lifestyle. Our understanding continues to improve and yet patients are not being treated as well as they could be. Not all patients get the right diagnosis, for a number of reasons. The Read More

Having a typical degree education in a British medical school usually means that there are gaping holes in one’s general medical knowledge. This especially applies to those professions that are variously termed “non-traditional” “paramedical” “complementary” or even “alternative”. Some of these really are alternative and probably don’t need much attention – I’m talking of the Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Exercise and Lower Back Pain

by Alan Jordan

During the recent past the most common treatment prescribed for longstanding lower back pain has become supervised exercise. There are many exercise programmes available to patients – with many therapists proclaiming that their particular exercise programme is the very best and the one that experts are recommending. In this commentary I would like to summarise Read More

I have the good fortune to work in a genuinely multidisciplinary environment. Not just a polyclinic with a variety of different medical doctors, but one populated with chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists and fitness instructors as well as rheumatologists, pain specialists, psychiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists and sports physicians. Some I had encountered in Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

The Informed Patient

by Alan Jordan

How to choose a chiropractor? It is imperative that the chiropractor that you chose is recognised by the General Chiropractic Council www.gcc-uk.org. This is your guarantee that the chiropractor in question has the appropriate qualifications and has successfully completed a yearly continued professional development programme. All registered chiropractors can be easily found on their website. Read More

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