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Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Anatomy and Function

by Alan Jordan

The neck, also referred to as the cervical spine, can cause neck pain for many of us at some point in our life. In this blog, we aim to educate you about this area of the body so you can understand neck problems, neck symptoms and neck ache treatment. Anatomy and function of the cervical Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

About the Journal

by Alan Jordan

The team at the Broadgate Spine & Joint clinic are producing a series of articles for our patients or visitors to our website who wish to read about problems in the spine, all other joints and the muscles in order to provide them with high quality information. We feel strongly that well informed patients will Read More

New Addition to the Broadgate Team!

by clinic

We are pleased to welcome osteopath Ben Quigley to the Broadgate clinic team. Ben is a registered osteopath and graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2006. He has a vast knowledge of treating a variety of presentations and specialises in the treatment of conditions arising from poor posture, usually due to long hours at a Read More

London 2012

by clinic

The Broadgate Clinics are looking forward to the 2012 Olympics here in London, which start in only 10 days.  While some of our team were lucky enough to get tickets, one practitioner is going to be up close and personal to all the action! Our own Dr. Courtney Kipps was featured in the Evening Standard’s Read More

Richard Halvorsen - Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Migraines

by Richard Halvorsen

Acupuncture is more effective than medication at preventing migraines A new study shows that acupuncture treatment is more effective at preventing migraines than the drug topiramate, which is generally considered to be an effective treatment for the prevention of migraine.[1] 66 patients suffering from chronic migraine were randomised to receive either acupuncture (twice weekly for 12 Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor


by Alan Jordan

Tendinopathy is a condition very frequently seen in any physiotherapy clinic. It is not exclusive to the active individuals but it is also common in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. The cause of tendon injuries tends to be multifactorial with both internal and external factors playing a part. Many tendons can be affected around shoulder, Read More

Many people have heard the term ‘core stability’ bandied around a fitness class but few would claim to know exactly what the term actually means.  In actual fact, core stability is as important in everyday life as it is in the gym.  It helps to prevent injuries in activities from gardening and DIY to shopping! Read More

Alan Jordan - Chiropractor

Muscle Tension Headaches

by Alan Jordan

City workers usually operate in constrained postures, often for long hours and in stressful environments. It is therefore not surprising that many of them develop muscle tension headaches. Indeed, this is a common complaint of many patients who seek osteopathic treatment. Initial Consultation During the initial consultation a careful case history and physical examination will Read More

Richard Hollis - Chiropractor

Helping With Recurrent Back Pain

by Richard Hollis

If you are suffering recurrent back pain what can you do to help yourself and resolve the problem? Back pain can resolve itself in a week or two but for four out of five people, however, it recurs.  In a recent study published in the The Lancet, 70-80% of back sufferers were still having pain Read More

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