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Broadgate spine & joint clinic news

by Alan Jordan

The Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic was established as a chiropractic clinic over 20 years ago.
During the past decade we have expanded the clinic in order to offer a true “one stop shop” for back and peripheral joint conditions. We have therefore added many other health disciplines including; general medicine, physiotherapy, rheumatology, spinal surgery, acupuncture, stress management and others.
Our strategy was to develop a clinic that could really offer comprehensive care for essentially any spine or joint condition that we would face, and we have really succeeded. There is no other chiropractic clinic that can match the services that we offer either in the City of London or anywhere else in the UK.

Most of our patients are from the Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Bank areas and patients with either lower back, mid back or neck pain usually seen initially by one of our two experienced chiropractors.

Most patients have 4 basic questions that they would like answered during the initial consultation.

1. What is my problem and can you help?
2. How long will it take to get for me to get better?
3. How much will this cost?
4. What can I do so that the problem does not reoccur?

A thorough case history and examination is then undertaken and the 1st question can be answered.
The chiropractor will explain what the working diagnosis is and whether chiropractic care is the “treatment of choice” for the condition. Since we do not believe in the “one size fits all” treatment model, the chiropractor can choose to refer to any of the other health disciplines at our clinic. Also, additional investigations such as blood work and diagnostic imaging may be necessary before a comprehensive answer is given.

The answer to the second question can be slightly more difficult to answer accurately. As far as chiropractic care is concerned the patient’s response to the 1st and 2nd treatments usually provide a solid guide as to timeline expectations. Longstanding and more severe conditions obviously require more treatments to address comprehensively. As a rule of thumb, if chiropractic care is the “treatment of choice” for your condition, results will be quickly obtained.

Costs related to care are covered for patients with private health insurance. Chiropractic care is covered by all of the major insurance companies. Self-paying patients pay £75 for an initial consultation and £55 for follow up sessions.

Prevention normally involves strengthening the involved body part through exercise. Initial and instructive sessions are carried out in our gym under the supervision of Physiotherapist Chris Pettitt, our lead physiotherapist. Occasional maintenance manipulations may be required for longstanding conditions as well. Advice regarding lifestyle and leisure activities will be provided as part of the preventative strategy.

In summary, chiropractic care at the Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic offers a unique package of care that is tailored to individual patient needs. Due to multi-disciplinary setting in which the chiropractors work we believe that we are far better able to address patient needs in a more comprehensive manner.

Alan Jordan, Chiropractor, MSc, Phd

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