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by Richard Hollis

“It’s not often that one finds an osteopath that gets to the bottom of the problem and treats a wide range of medical conditions. Gary focuses on the underlying causes and helps you improve your overall health and lifestyle. I have been his patient since 2016 and require regular visits due to my condition, however he has improved my life by treating my breathing issues since I had from birth.  Gary is very focused on prevention, and is dedicated to your overall wellbeing, he is a professional who genuinely cares. Having a busy and demanding city job, he manages to take me back  to a state of balance. Whatever your need is he is up for the challenge and if you like a good chat or destress he will come across like a long lost friend.  If you prefer a silent treatment it’s not a problem, he adjusts to your preferences.  I would highly recommend Gary Weir for his wide knowledge, outstanding ability and exceptional customer service. Would most certainly recommend The Broadgate Clinics to family and friends ”


“I was suffering from lower back pain for quite some time and decided to finally take some steps in relieving the symptoms.

When I first went for my consultation I was a bit sceptical about the immediate prospects of improvement but I soon came to realise the opposite.

Gary was very attentive and was able to identify the issue immediately. His expertise was evident in the fact that from the very first session my condition improved greatly and by providing me with the necessary advice on how to maintain good posture, exercise regime and other helpful tips I have so far managed to stay pain free.

I keep recommending Gary to my friends and colleagues and will definitely use his services again if I need to do so in the future.”

 Stoyan,  Systems Analyst.

“I am very satisfied with Gary’s treatment and advise. He identifies issues straightaway and manages to sort things out very efficiently. Following his advice of getting regular treatments to “rebalance” my body, I now have very rarely any sort of back/neck pain. 5 star rating!”


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