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by Alan Jordan

MAST Certified Clinicians have undertaken an educational programme to teach them techniques in diagnosing and managing patients that show signs of Modic changes on MRI scans.

In previous articles, we have already seen that Modic changes have been linked to lower back pain, and that MAST antibiotic treatment has been show to be effective in many cases.

With the founding of the MAST Medical Academy, there is now a formal training programme and certification for healthcare professionals to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of MAST and medic changes. Those having completed the course include spine surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, pain consultants, GPs, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

To help our patients make informed choices, we have full details of what it means to be MAST certified here, including information on what is included in the curriculum and what different types of Mast Certified Clinicians can do for patients.

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