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by Alan Jordan

Conventional treatments for chronic lower back pain do not demonstrate impressive results. This fact is not disputed. However, a breakthrough treatment, pioneered by Dr Hanne Albert, using antibiotics to treat chronic lower back pain, has reported remarkable success in clinical trials.

The recently published research, demonstrates how patients suffering with Modic changes which have been identified by MRI scans, has clinically significant reduction in their symptoms when treated with antibiotics.

In the study, “outcome” measures were used to access the improvement of the treated participants vs the control group who were administered a placebo. The participants reported on their ability to tackle common daily activities and household tasks and to measure their level of discomfort according to the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire.

The term miracle should not be used lightly, and while it is early days yet, it is clear that while this treatment provides significant relief from symptoms in 60-70% of patients, the condition still persists and requires on-going management.

However, to patients who prior to treatment had scarcely been able to leave their bed but are now able to freely engage in household chores and even return to work, the treatment may indeed seem miraculous!

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