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Broadgate spine & joint clinic news

by Alan Jordan

There have been several new additions to aid the Podiatric Biomechanical analysis at Broadgate Spine and Joint Clinic.

These include a treadmill for slow motion video analysis of walking and running. This is then presented on a wall mounted TV to analyse the patients movement patterns. There is also the F-Scan in-shoe pressure measurement system to work alongside this where necessary. This is how it will fit into a full Podiatric diagnostic gait analysis:

The essential staring point for any full assessment is a good history. This may or may not be assisted by a referral from a colleague. Sports/activities taken part in, footwear used, site of pain, quality of pain etc can assist with getting initial ideas as to the mechanism for the current complaint.

This is followed by a non-weightbearing assessment looking at the site of pain, can it be replicated, quality of joint movements and muscular strength testing.

The patient will then stand for a static analysis of foot posture and quality of movement under weighted conditions. There will also be further strength and stability tests performed here including single limb balance, squat and heel raise ability.

However our patients are injured doing dynamic activities so the mechanical analysis of the patient is of critical importance. Visual assessment alone can be misleading and misinterpreted so slow motion video capture allows for a much more accurate assessment.

This is performed with the patient on the treadmill running or walking and video is captured in various planes of movement essentially the rear, sides and front. The whole body is analysed from head position down to the feet.


The video is then displayed on to a wall mounted TV to discuss the findings with the patient.


Conclusions can then be made and treatment plans drawn up. With the data stored at follow up visits comparisons to the baseline assessment can assist in charting progress.

On occasions further analysis is needed and for this an inshoe pressure measurement system may be used.



This allows the timing of several gait parameters to be viewed in real time as well as loading patterns of the feet to be analysed. Further information on this can be found here.

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